Just a girl in love with a boy, planning to get hitched in Brooklyn, NYC without breaking the bank. At least not irreparably.

This blog is here as a planning tool for me, and I hope that it will, in time, prove useful to others in this predicament. If you have planned an affordable New York wedding, if you are in the process of doing so, or if you have awesome wedding info that you would like to share, I’d love to hear about it.


6 responses to “About

  1. P.E.

    Sounds like we’re in the same boat…love to hear any thoughts/ideas!

  2. iliana

    Did you have your wedding already? Was it at Dumbo Loft? Thoughts? šŸ™‚

    • Megan

      I did *not* have my wedding already. The planning has shifted a bit away from this blog and into google docs and the wedsite, but I did go with Dumbo Loft. Chris has been great to deal with, and the price and location were great.

      • Its 2013, can we get an update?! Looking at Green Building and Dumbo loft as well, what finally swayed you to Dumbo? Who did you use for a Caterer, DJ, Photog, etc šŸ™‚ Any insight on costs and budgets would be soooo appreciated!

      • Megan

        Mike, please check the actual blog for a post-wedding update. Some details are missing, but it being 2013 doesn’t give me a lot more to say as my wedding was in 2011. Cost and location were the main factors in going with DUMBO Loft. Photographer was a friend of a friend, and we used an iPod in lieu of a DJ, which worked great.

  3. Mike

    Thanks! I found the blog post with details after I commented. šŸ™‚

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