Starting Out

I got engaged last month to an excellent man with whom I have been in an excellent relationship for the last 5 years.

I love him, I already live with him, I look forward to spending my life with him. These things are known. We know, too, that we want a wedding: some fanfare, some celebration, and, most importantly, a great day that we can share with the people we love. We want this very much, and we are excited. So excited, in fact, that I have spent hours scouring the internet for ideas, brainstorming, envisioning venues, thinking about this special day. A couple of things have taken shape. Many have not. And, in my journeys online (and my admittedly limited forays into magazines), I have come across a lot of information about weddings. Many of the wedding planning resources provided by “traditional” wedding information outlets have been helpful, but much of the information out there holds very little value to me. I don’t care all that much about appearances or traditional etiquette (not that I’m devoid of manners, you understand, just that I trust my own moral and ethical compass in dealing with my friends and family). Nor do I require a guide to help me select my wedding party or a checklist enumerating the duties of the Maid of Honor. I’m just not that kind of girl. I want my loved ones involved in the ways in which they want to be involved, plain and simple.

In and amongst all of  this wedding information, I have found some incredibly useful resources — blog posts or entire blogs devoted to Brooklyn weddings, DIY weddings, supercheap weddings. As a student with no income at the moment, crafty inclinations, and a desire to get married here in Brooklyn where our life is, these are wildly appealing. What I have not found thus far (and please, please let me know if you’re aware of things I’m missing) is a central location where these things meet.

I will be planning this wedding for a while yet. At least a year. This blog will serve as a planning tool for me — a place to compile links I love as well as local venues and vendors that interest me — and it is my hope that, as I explore and review said venues and vendors, and as the list of awesome links grows, this just might become a useful resource for other brokish Brooklyn brides-to-be.


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